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A How-To Guide on How to Get The SLEEPY HOLLOW Comics

Can’t get enough Sleepy Hollow, Sleepyheads! We know how you feel. Season 2 can’t come quick enough!

If you want to make sure you get the SLEEPY HOLLOW comics, written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Jorge Coelho and featuring shorts by Noelle Stevenson, when it comes out October, just follow this handy guide:

  1. Print out the pre-order form above.

    a comic lets your local comic shop know you WANT, I mean, NEED, this comic and that they should make sure their shop carries enough SLEEPY HOLLOW comics.

  2. Find a local comic shop in your area.

    Drop by the shop, locate a member of the staff and present them with your SLEEPY HOLLOW pre-order form! Providing them the form by September 22 (the day Season 2 premieres) guarantees a copy for you (or many copies for you and your friends)!

  3. Welcome to the world of comics!

  4. Or you can pre-order and subscribe directly from the BOOM! Webstore here!

  5. If you’re a digital reader, there’s no pre-ordering necessary! Head to comiXology the day Sleepy Hollow #1 comes out (October 15) and purchase directly to your tablet! You can subscribe to the series and ensure you don’t miss an issue!

Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow premieres on FOX September 22nd! Watch Sleepy Hollow, read comics (October 15), don’t lose your heads! Easy, right?

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the following scene.
also, i received a lot of nice message and question after the last note.
Thanks everyone, i’ll respond to all of them in the following day/week. I want to take time to respond properly, so don’t be angry if i take a little time.
love you guys !



From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno as student (gif sources : 1 2 3).

Animation is magic!!

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I want this as a tattoo




I want this as a tattoo

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i have the opposite of a problem

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monkey&drug dealer.


monkey&drug dealer.

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The Armies Gather by Maryanna Hoggatt aka animalbattle on Tumblr

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Alternate scene from Guardians of the Galaxy


partners in gun fixing
…there seems to be a theme i’ve got going smh


partners in gun fixing

…there seems to be a theme i’ve got going smh

That Doctor Who Episode


was awful oh my god

I’ve never seen such film-student-level compositing and shooting and editing aired on tv and passed off as professional quality

on the BBC’s most popular program

for a season opener

my boyfriend and I spend a solid five minutes after it ended just laughing in stunned…



We are Groot


rebloging just to let you peeps know I have prints of this! (Prints!

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Rich Kelly

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there you have it folks, with simple maths and the power of ms paint you can have all of your questions answered

check out the lovely and talented scott hartman right here, because I illegally used his skeletal. sorry scott.

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